Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Subtlties and iniquities...

There's a subtle difference between being a world leader and being a demagogue. As a demagogue George W. Bush is outstanding. He utilizes the media and popular culture to sway the population of the USA over to his view of the world (or rather, Dick Cheney's view of the world). Now he's turing over a new leaf, recognizing that the population of the USA will not stand for sacrificing all of their sons to conquer the desolation of the desert nations for the sake of ensuring a sustained supply of petroleum to fuel the economy that keeps the powerful in power, W has begun a systematic campaign to change world opinion of the USA. Subtle but not at the same time.... How many out there think he'll be successful in this effort and how many think this will serve only to widen the gap between those on the side of the US patriocracy and the rest of the world?

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Saturday, January 01, 2005

A post with a view...

Did you ever wonder why there's such a huge disparity between the developed and developing (nice way of saying impoverished) worlds? Dr. David Suzuki has been speaking out about this notion and the fact that the developed world is consuming resources at an ever increasing pace. What can be done? Not much within the current "establishment" but Dr. Suzuki has it figured out - he's going after the hearts and souls of the youth... Recently in Calgary he spent some time with high school student and urged them passionately and convincingly to put the environment first - something they already appear to be predisposed to do.. The only question is whether or not the youth will be co-opted by the establishment when they come to realize that baby food and heating bills are the ulitmate priorities for a provider...

David Suzuki Foundation: Home

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Democratic Iraq? Not in this lifetime...

The level of fear within Iraq is escalating daily as the rebels attempt to dissuade the populace from voting in the upcoming elections. This is a new strategy that appears to be working brilliantly with the Iraqi Islamic Party already having pulled out of the elections (the Iraqi Islamic Party is the largest Sunni political group). The question that remains is whether or not the US will continue down the path of withdrawal if democratic elections prove to be impractical for the foreseeable future... Comments?

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Friday, December 31, 2004

Wake up it's 2005!

There's nothing like a rousing scream to get you going in the morning. The scream we all hear at the dawn of 2005 is all about what is happening in Southern Asia and what can be done to help the victims. Well everyone can do something.. if you can read this then you can probably donate some cash (what my wife and I did) as a minimum. It shouldn't take a calamity of this magnitude to initiate the redistribution of wealth on the planet but guess what? It does. For a list of organisations actively working in the area please see www.cbc.ca/news.

There's a flip-side to the dogoodism that's emerging in Southern Asia and it goes something like this; if you are willing to give to the victims of a natural disaster then are you hypocritical if you don't give to victims of genocide (see the Sudan for more...)

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